The word "apostle" means "sent". Jesus separates His apostles for His personal use, under His leadership to implement His plans. Apostles receive their authority from God. Churches and organizations cannot own them and bind their lives or ministry to themselves. Jesus sends his apostles where others have not built. The apostles bring forth new revelation and manifestation of God's kingdom in their operational environment. Because of this, the apostle's mission also requires the gifts of a prophet and a teacher.

Apostle Paul's ministry is an excellent example of a pioneer apostle. Regardless of the obstacles, Paul carried out the most significant ministry of the early church among the Gentiles. He moved, preached, taught, founded churches and strengthened existing churches. Even today, his letters are the most important teachings of the new covenant, which do not become obsolete with time.

Paul based his teaching directly on the revelation he received from Jesus. He served in the power of the Holy Spirit and fire. Apostolic signs followed his ministry. He had to suffer persecution, violence, contempt and many kinds of trouble. The description of the apostle's mission is summed up in the following words of Paul:

Rom. 1:1-6: Paul's letter to the Romans: Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called an apostle, set apart to proclaim the gospel of God, which God promised beforehand through his prophets in the holy scriptures, his Son - who according to the flesh was born of the seed of David and according to the spirit of holiness through the resurrection appointed as the Son of God in power - from Jesus Christ, our Lord, through whom we have received grace and apostleship, so that the obedience of faith towards his name would arise in all the Gentile nations, to which you, who are called by Jesus Christ, belong:

Paul was 1) a servant of Jesus Christ, 2) a called messenger 3) set apart to proclaim 4) so that the obedience of faith towards Jesus would arise in all pagan nations. I believe that every apostle will work within this framework. The goal of every apostle is to carry out the mission given by Jesus faithfully, courageously and spare no effort.


The word "prophet" means "declaring in the spirit of revelation." In the old covenant, the prophet was the only one who could hear God. The prophet of the old covenant was set apart for God. He received his proclamation in special revelation and authority. In the new covenant, the role of the prophet is different. The prophet of the new covenant is the herald of the appearance of Jesus through the transformation of his own life and his anointing. He serves in the anointing of the Holy Spirit with Jesus. The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus as Savior, Healer, Liberator, Teacher and King. Special signs, healings, miracles and mighty works also accompany the ministry of the prophet of the new covenant.

The most important task of the prophet of the new covenant is to bring a new radical revelation about the Kingdom of God and the presence of Jesus. The gift of the prophet is accompanied by a special gift of revelation, Father's love and faith. In New Covenant, the prophet is called to show God's solutions for the nations in the Holy Spirit and Fire. The anointing of the prophet will lead people to Jesus, receive healing and new life with Jesus.

In the coming revival of the time of fulfillment, one important task of the prophetic ministry is to lead the church to the purification of faith. In the spirit of revelation, the prophet opens and releases the greater revelation of Jesus in his church. The purpose of this is to prepare the church for the rapture when the age is fulfilled.

The role of the New Covenant prophet is not to give personal guidance to another believer. The believer of the new covenant should not seek guidance from a 'prophet', but directly from Jesus. A prophet can confirm and illuminate the details of God's plan to people to whom God has already directly spoken. In the new covenant, Jesus leads his own through direct and personal inspiration.

Kings and rulers can also in the new covenant call on the prophet to give God's wisdom in important matters. Such a task is very demanding. Not every prophet is equipped to give political and military advice in extremely complicated and disbelief-filled circumstances. We are approaching time where no prophet is able to explain things that happen or show the right way. Jesus alone will know and lead His people in the Fire of the Holy Spirit.

The task of the prophets of the new covenant is to convince people of the reality of God, to do powerful deeds, to announce the revelation of God, to show the church the light of the Spirit and the right direction. The prophet's task is also to open God's secrets, which He wants to reveal at any given time for the building of the church.

Prophetic ministry is key to the awakening of the time of fulfillment. The revelation of the prophets opens the plans of Jesus, leads to the purification of faith and a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Fire. The revelation of the Holy Spirit becomes urgent and demanding in a certain way, because the time window is closing. The immersion in the Fire of the Holy Spirit will decide the ministries and anointings.

Everyone called to prophetic ministry will go through the fire again and again. All spiritual offices will be purified. Every true servant of God will receive more and more supernatural power and authority in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


The word "evangelist" means "preacher of the good news of Jesus". He has a special experience and revelation about the saving, healing and liberating power of Jesus. He also has a special ability to meet people and convey the reality of Jesus in a simple, quick and powerful way.

The evangelist has love for people. He is able to quickly win people's hearts. He has a special anointing of healing. The Fire of the Holy Spirit convinces people about Jesus through the proclamation of the evangelist. People receive special healings, inspiration and courage from the evangelist's ministry.

The Holy Spirit anoints evangelists with a special anointing that invites people to Jesus. Jesus himself, through the Holy Spirit and angels, invites people to evangelistic events where they can be saved. Entire cities can be activated and set off to welcome Jesus to the meetings of the anointed evangelist.

You can prepare for the office of evangelist by being immersed in the Fire of the Holy Spirit. Then your heart will change and you will receive the Father's love for all those living in a slavery of sin, demons, drugs, diseases etc. Jesus can use you to some extent as an exhorter. But His goal is to fill you with the Fire of the Holy Spirit. Then you will have the love and faith to win many souls from the power of darkness into the Kingdom of God.


The task of the shepherd is to build up the body of Christ. The shepherd has love, patience and wisdom to raise newborn disciples. The shepherd's area of responsibility covers all spiritual dimensions of the congregation. Therefore, the shepherd must be healed from brokenness of his heart. He takes care of the flock entrusted to him with the love of the Father and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Shepherd recognizes and highlights each individual's own gifts and vocation. When the work of education is finished, the shepherd sends his sheep to their own ministries as sons / daughters of God.

The shepherd also has a special revelation of the saving, healing and delivering power of Jesus. He is a spiritual father, a nurturer at heart, patient, secure, pure, selfless and righteous. The anointing of the shepherd is accompanied by a very wide range of gifts of the Spirit. But above all, the shepherd must have a heart like the heart of Jesus. A shepherd must be able to bind up the brokenhearted, strengthen the weak, heal the sick, search for the lost and give the right portion of God's word to each moment.

Jesus is preparing shepherds according to His will. Often, He trains shepherds in secrecy and in obscurity. Only in time will he bring out the new shepherds he has equipped. Jesus needs many shepherds to be immersed in the Fire of the Holy Spirit before the great revival can come. You too may be in such a growth plan.


A teacher's job is to teach people God's plan of salvation. The teacher goes deeper than the phrases and shows the congregation how the things of God's kingdom operate in practice. He teaches the new revelation of Jesus and keeps the congregation in sound doctrine and life.

The teacher's anointing is based on a deep connection with Jesus and the Father. The New Covenant teacher has a spirit of revelation and wisdom followed by miracles and signs. The teacher is constantly receiving and sharing new revelation from God. He is also an educator who leads believers to be transformed into the image of Jesus. He has the Father's love to raise immature believers into disciples of Jesus and into a fivefold ministry. He has the anointing of an apostle, prophet, and evangelist to strengthen the saved in Jesus.

The task of the teacher is to purify believers' faith. He must interpret the scriptures correctly and show how everything is structured, connected and works in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He builds his student's innermost being, revelation and ability to act.

The teacher's task is to teach the congregation into the full knowledge of the kingdom of God and to be immersed in the Fire of the Holy Spirit. His gift is a clear understanding and knowledge of the ways of the Spirit. He has burning love for the truth. The teacher's task is also to teach ordinary, naturally understandable truths of the Kingdom of God. But above all, his task is to teach the supernatural revelation of God.

The teacher must live in the continuous flow of the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Jesus constantly gives the teacher new revelation. Signs and miracles follow the teaching of the anointed teacher. The task of a teacher requires great accuracy and obedience. This comes from surrender and obedience to the Holy Spirit. A teacher has a great responsibility concerning his teaching. Many people will listen to him to find out truth about the Kingdom of God. Therefore, the teacher must live according to his teaching and prove it through his own life with Jesus.

Every servant of a fivefold ministry will educate and train disciples of Jesus into ministries of the Holy Spirit. These ministries are powerful but they require full devotion, whole life and capacity. Jesus anoints His servants with ever greater power and revelation. The reward of a faithful minister will be great.

The fivefold ministry is accompanied by a special anointing, authorization, signs and wonders. The sons / daughters, who are ministering in these offices, are able to break and destroy the strongest yokes and effects of darkness. They are examples of higher life with Jesus for you also. You will need fivefold ministry in your spiritual growth. Jesus wants to appoint you in the fivefold ministry when you have reached maturity in your faith and life.