Jesus as the Anointed One is a perfect example of all ministries of the Spirit. He served in all the spiritual gifts and offices intended for us. He is our perfect example of a love relationship with the Father and with people. The purity, love, authority, humility and obedience of Jesus were the foundation of His anointing, ministry and ordination.

Jesus calls us to follow him. It means becoming like Him, achieving the love relationship He showed us with the Father, and merging with the Holy Spirit as He merged. In immersion in the fire of the Holy Spirit, Jesus merges you with Him so that He can influence everything necessary in your life and ministry. Depending on the situation, you can minister in all anointings and offices of the Spirit, just like Jesus.

Jesus ordains His servants in spiritual offices according to His will and plan. He gives each an anointing related to the task and office. Ordination requires the same purification by the fire of the Holy Spirit and inner healing that the disciples went through. No one enters the office of the Spirit on their own, but Jesus calls, equips and appoints everyone. The offices of the Spirit are associated with special responsibility, authority, persecution and signs. The Holy Spirit is in you to equip you for everything that Jesus has prepared for your ministry.

Eph. 4:11-16: And he gave some to be 1) apostles, some 2) prophets, some 3) evangelists, some 4) shepherds, and 5) teachers, to fully equip the saints for the work of ministry, building up the body of Christ, until we all come together in faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God, to full manhood, to the measure of the full age of the fullness of Christ, so that we are no longer minors who drift about and are tossed about in every wind of learning and in the lottery of men and in the crafty plots of delusion; but that we, following the truth in love, may in every way grow into him who is the head, Christ, from whom the whole body, joined together and held together by every sinew, grows to be built up in love according to the amount of power that each part has.

The Holy Spirit equips you for the tasks of God's kingdom through continuous surrender and steps of faith. The Holy Spirit leads you to serve right from your new birth. As you set out, the Holy Spirit will strengthen your revelation, faith and anointing. You learn a lot through practice, trials and errors. Don't be afraid to start when you are still in great need of Jesus. This condition will keep you humble and Jesus can manifest Himself as perfect Savior for you and people around you.

Your spiritual growth is enormously accelerated in an active and anointed fellowship of faith. The main steps of spiritual growth are as follows:

  • The slave of sin and death hears the great glad tidings of Jesus and receives Him.

  • The Holy Spirit regenerates a person and gives him a unity and position with God as His child..

  • A born again believer receives the teaching of the Holy Spirit and the kingdom of God. He recognizes the call of Jesus and surrenders to be His disciple..

  • The disciple determines to be become like the Jesus as the Anointed One. He surrenders to the process of deliverance and inner healing and receives more of the Holy Spirit into his life..

  • The disciple surrenders more and more unto Jesus, and the fire of the Holy Spirit falls deeper and deeper into him. The awareness of Jesus overwhelms him more and more.

  • Immersion in the fire of the Holy Spirit increases the spiritual power, righteousness, faith and the Father's love of the disciple..

  • The disciple realizes that he is an adult son/daughter of God. Jesus sets in him the consciousness of apostolic anointing and appoints him into His ministry as apostle..

  • In his ministry, the apostle continues to grow spiritually. He desires to become more and more like the Anointed One of Jesus..

The fivefold ministries (apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers) are the basic pillars of the church. Jesus himself calls, prepares, separates and appoints disciples to these positions. The offices of the Holy Spirit receive their authorization directly from God. They cannot operate under the control of any religious organization. Because of the humility associated with the offices of the Holy Spirit, it is often difficult for proud people to recognize or accept such offices. But those who recognize them will receive a great blessing from them.

Jesus was sent by God the Father as an example of what is God's plan of salvation for people. Jesus was born as a human being like any man. The Holy Spirit raised Him to adulthood and ministry in a love relationship with God the Father. Through his atoning work, Jesus made it possible for His followers to become like Him. To prove God's plan and establish the church, Jesus called himself 12 disciples, whom he raised to become like him. This is the essence and purpose of the New Covenant.

The spiritual offices of the new covenant are apostle, prophet, evangelist, teacher and shepherd. God gives these offices to the church to make everyone perfect for the work of ministry. The prototype of every spiritual office is in Jesus:

  • Jesus, as the Anointed One and the Sacrificial Lamb, was the greatest apostle (apostolos = sent) that ever was or ever will be on earth. God himself sent Him from heaven to earth to carry out the work of salvation that will completely change the history of the world.

  • Jesus was also the greatest prophet, because He revealed the kingdom of God in a way that no one before Him or after Him had been able to reveal. Atonement was the most powerful thing any prophet could ever do.

  • Jesus the Anointed was also the most powerful evangelist in world history. He proclaimed the previously unknown good news, forgave sins, healed the sick, and people believed in Him in such large numbers that the Pharisees concluded: 'soon everyone will believe in Him'!

  • Jesus the Anointed One was also the greatest shepherd. He lost none that the Father gave Him. His love, wisdom and power satisfied every soul in His flock. In just three and a year, He trained and equipped a group that would become His followers, His living body after His death. This seed was so strong and healthy that it has grown into a world-wide anointed and powerful church of God's children, which is yet to appear in the future in a glory never seen before.

  • Jesus the Anointed was also the greatest teacher. He taught the supernatural secrets of God's kingdom in a way that even a child can understand. Even today, his teaching is sufficient for everyone's complete salvation and healing and leads everyone who thirsts to the Kingdom of Heaven. His teaching had not only supernatural knowledge and wisdom, but also the power of God, which proved His every word to be true.

Jesus as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd and teacher was first and foremost the Son of God. He drew all His anointing and all the equipping for his duties from His love relationship and obedience to the Father. Jesus calls you to become first the anointed son / daughter of God. Then He equips and ordains you in ministry according to His will. All your life, anointing and abilities in the work of God's kingdom come from the anointing of the Holy Spirit, through which you are united with Jesus.

So, every office of the Spirit starts from Jesus. He is the foundation and the rock upon which everything must be built. None of the people can exceed His measure or build a new foundation. Every office of the Holy Spirit is just a part of Jesus' anointing and mission.

Now is the time for the purification of faith and the renewal of the offices of the Spirit. Jesus needs all the offices of the Spirit to make his Bride fit for marriage. Be prepared for radical changes. Many people in visible positions will suddenly disappear from the picture. Many new apostles will arise in the anointing just as suddenly to carry out God's great harvest in the time of fulfillment!