We can find a useful acronym to explain what is the ministry of helps. It means (H) having (E) enough (L) loving (P) people (S) serving others. God's plan is a body of Christ, where the Holy Spirit leads and anoints members of the body to perform supernatural manifestation of the Kingdom of God. Paul explained to the Ephesians that Jesus is the Head of the church and God's people are His body. The body of Christ shall fulfill everything (Eph 1:15-23) that fulfills everything.

The body of Christ needs people, who can put aside their own selfish desires and serve others with their power and gifts. The heart of a servant is the key attitude in the Kingdom of God. In the ministry of helps you help other members of church to operate in their own anointings and tasks. The Holy Spirit will show you a place where your help is needed. You come forth and start serving. The Holy Spirit will eventually grow and anoint you into the fivefold ministry.

From God's point of view, there is no cheap or expensive ministry. He has anointed ministries for everyone according to each individual's resources and His calling. Everyone starts his ministry from a small seed. When you let the Holy Spirit teach you in your task what you can do now, Jesus will anoint and equip you for new challenges and tasks. You learn to seek Him in your ministry all the time. Your ministry is not what you are doing right now. Your ministry is to grow in your life, in your anointing and in your knowledge of Jesus. Your growth in faith and life is a testimony of Jesus for the other people.

The ministry of Jesus is a perfect example of regenerating power of God and of His growth plan for people. Jesus started His life on the earth as a human being like you and me. Finally, God raised Him from death, resurrected Him and ordained Him as King on His Throne. Look at this example and not at you circumstances now. You are called to follow Him in supernatural growth and transformation of your spirit, soul, body and ministry. Keep your eyes of Jesus and learn from Him. Keep the mind of servant in every service situation. This is the attitude of God in favor of you and all people. He serves you and all people through the salvation of Jesus. Your bad situation does not matter, because He has complete salvation for you.

John 13:3-7: Jesus, knowing that the Father had given everything into his hands and that he had gone to God and was going to God, got up from the communion table and took off his mantle, took a linen cloth and girded himself with it. Then he poured water into a laver and began to wash his disciples' feet and wipe them with the cloth with which he had girded himself. So he came to Simon Peter, and he said to him, "Lord, do you wash my feet?" Jesus answered and said to him: "What I do now you do not understand, but from now on you will."

Jesus knew that the Father had put everything in His hands and that He was going to Heaven. He didn't let that get in the way of his serving heart. Jesus gave an example of the Father's heart with which we should serve one another. Peter did not understand what true humility is in this situation. He did not yet understand how profoundly Jesus will the change of his heart through new birth, deliverance, inner healing and baptism in the Holy Spirit.

In the New Testament we find how the ministry of helps

  • was instituted by the Holy Spirit
  • liberated the Apostles to perform their own ministries,
  • brought order to confusion during meetings,
  • provided a controlled flow of help to meet needs,
  • set an example for others to follow,
  • provided a training ground for ministry,
  • supplied the needs to the Body
  • demonstrated the love of God at work within the Body,
  • stopped the voices of dissention within the Christian community and
  • demonstrated God’s love to all people.


The administrator / leader organizes and leads different operations of church in the love, wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. Through his ministry, he creates circumstances where different people can minister in their own anointings and callings. The ministry of an administrator / leader is absolutely necessary for the manifestation of Jesus in church. Only under the anointed leadership a church can effectively bring forth Good News of the reign of Jesus on the earth.

The tasks and anointing of the administrator / leader must be separated from the fivefold ministry. Even in the old covenant, the ministry of the king was separated from the ministry of prophets. Prophets were anointed to devote into intimate relationship with God. Their mission was to hear from God and preach the message to the people. The kings were anointed to lead the nation, but they had not the same relationship with God as prophets had. The kings needed prophet to give them advice in critical situation. The prophets could not override the king and start to lead the nation. The king could not displace the prophet as seer and preacher of God's message.

The administrator / leader opens possibilities for new ministries and prepares way for the manifold growth of the church. The leader recognizes the servants' anointing and calling. The leader's task is to show direction, clarify the vision of church and resolve conflicts. The leader will weed out deviations, support and coach other ministries. The greatest task of a leader is to raise new leaders in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

People are often appointed to the position of spiritual leader based solely on their spiritual anointing. Attention should also be paid to character, life management, leadership skills and capability to resolve crises. A leader's mental and spiritual power to lead comes from the integrity and righteousness of his heart. The Holy Spirit anoints and equips certain people to administer and lead a church. Therefore, it is crucial for the church to listen to the Holy Spirit when the church chooses a leader.

1 Tim. 5:22: Lay hands hastily on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.

Every servant of Jesus must obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesus must have the final say in every situation. Jesus appoints different people in different ministries. When everybody recognizes his calling and task, the church will flourish. The spiritual leader's own life and his ministry is under a magnifying glass. Many observe, gossip and even find fault about the leader's personality, decisions and management style. A spiritual leader must be able to live a morally and spiritually honorable life. Before Jesus appoints you a leader, you must be healed and delivered from any brokenness of your heart and life and merge with the Father's love.

1. Tim. 3:2-5: So the shepherd of the church must be blameless, a man of one wife, sober, temperate, decent, hospitable, skilled in teaching, not a drunkard, not a brawler, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not greedy for money, but one who owns his own home rules well, and with all honor keeps her children obedient; for if someone does not know how to manage his own home, how can he take care of God's church?

The anointing of the Holy Spirit and revelation knowledge is a necessary equipment for a spiritual leader. When he reaches the integrity and the love of the Father, he is able to hear correctly and stand firm in what Jesus is speaking to him. The role of a spiritual leader is the fulfillment of the purpose of life for many believers. Before you can be a leader, you must learn to be a servant. You must grow in your spiritual and personal life to be able to meet the challenges of a leader. The Holy Spirit will help you with His great love, wisdom and patience!


The office of assistant means specially anointed ministry, which makes possible the functioning of other offices and practical tasks of the Spirit, as well as the economy. The helper has a special anointing of the Holy Spirit and an inspired heart that wants things to work smoothly. He has diverse technical and practical gifts, vision and the ability to assess situations. He notices what is missing in any given situation or what needs to be fixed. The assistant has the ability to operate quickly and solve problems with the strength of the Holy Spirit.

All spiritual offices begin with the office of assistant, because Jesus test heart of His servant. In the ministry of assistant, you see the operation of church and learn what is needed for the fluent operations. As assistant of a church, you learn the human limitations and see true challenges of a leader. In the position of assistant, you learn to listen to people and convey their wishes to leaders of church. You certainly learn humility and learn to ask help from the Holy Spirit.

Elisa was first Elijah's assistant and disciple. Jesus' apostles started as disciples and assistants. Through education and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, they grew in discipleship until they became apostles and leaders of revivals.

It is obvious that the churches should appreciate and support more the ministry of assistants. Without assistants, the organizing of operations and the work of other ministries will fail. You will grow in other ministries after successful ministry of assistant. Jesus recognizes your faithful ministry as assistant and elevates you to new offices of the Spirit.

The offices of the Holy Spirit are gifts of God's favor to the church. Your ministry as an active member of a church will make you mature in life and faith. Therefore, become active in you church and receive blessings from all ministries that are working there. Seek guidance of the Holy Spirit for a right church and a right place there. Then you will be blessed and you find your anointing and ministry.

Seek the best gifts of the Spirit for your life. Receive from authority of apostles, from revelation of prophets, from saving and healing anointing of evangelists, from education of shepherds and love of the whole body of Christ. Make yourself available as assistant and helper. Then God will grow and anoint you to be a leader, apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd or teacher.

The Holy Spirit heals your identity and whole life. He causes you to see yourself as the son / daughter of Father God. He anoints you to minister with Jesus in your right status and authority. God created you for His great and glorious purposes. Therefore, abandon all human and religious inferiority and let God make you what He intended you to be. If God could anoint Peter to minister under the cloud of the Holy Spirit people in Jerusalem and gentiles around, He can also anoint you for a powerful ministry in His Kingdom! This will happen when you submit your life, will and life to Him. He will give you His salvation, His power, His anointing and new life in Him.