The Fire of the Holy Spirit leads every believer into deep knowledge and unity with Jesus. The truths of God and His Kingdom will be revealed and established in all areas of life. The lies of darkness, the blindness of compromise life will and insecurity of orphans will disappear. The strength, clarity, authority and identity of sons / daughters of God will manifest and rule. The Holy Spirit and Fire will transform the whole body of Christ into the image of Jesus. This makes the church a powerful tool in the hand of God to perform the great harvest of souls in the time of fulfillment.

A congregation living in a little anointing and religious compromise is dreaming of a romantic revival. It's great to read about the miracles of Azusa Street, the huge healing flow of The Latter Rain revival in the USA from 1946 to 1956 etc. The coming revival is different. The fire of revival is a fiery sword that passes through hearts, confronts the dark areas of the human soul. This leads to the purification of the soul and to a new brightness of life. The Holy Spirit and Fire cause every believer to seek more of Jesus and be transformed into His image.

The coming revival will bring a deeper cleansing of the church than any previous revivals. Jesus cleanses the church to a state of glory where He can invite it to the heavenly wedding feast. In the heavenly wedding of Jesus the whole Body will be united with Jesus in resurrection. The body of Jesus receives completely new being and properties of resurrection power. All this deep unification process will start on the earth by the Fire of the Holy Spirit.

The goal of Jesus for His church is not only the salvation from the death after natural death on the earth. The Fire of the Holy Spirit will reveal eternal purposes of God for the Body. The identity, inner motivations and aspirations of the Body will be transformed profoundly. Along this supernatural change, the authority, power and ministry of the Body will be manifested to the world in astonishing way. The heavenly wedding celebration will start on the earth. The Body of Christ will celebrate and demonstrate the Glory of God in an unprecedented way.

Jesus, the Lord and King of Glory, prepares the church to be clothed in the resurrection body. The preparations for the wedding are on the way in Heaven, too. The raptured church, together with the saints already in Heaven, will be clothed in the resurrection body. After that, the glorified church will usurp the spiritual thrones held by the enemies in the second heaven.

The enemy of the soul and his forces will face judgement of Jesus and His glorious Body. At the time of heavenly wedding, God allows the antichrist to manifest in bodily form on the earth. You must understand the great urgency to surrender to Jesus in your life. Your reward in Heaven will be enormous in the Glory. The price of rejecting Jesus will also be enormous in darkness.

The plan of God's love means saving and freeing people from the power of darkness and translating them into His glory. This plan is being fulfilled before our very eyes. The Fire of the Holy Spirit has an irreversible purpose in your life too. God sets the destinies of individuals and nations according to His own decision. Therefore, lift up your eyes and throw the anchor of your faith unto the resurrection. He who calls you is faithful and He will do it.

Our theories and speculations do not affect God's universal plans. Instead, it is great wisdom and humility to study what the Holy Spirit himself is speaking now to everyone. We are facing an irreversible and great change. Even believers are used to evade painful decisions of killing the old man. The Fire of the Holy Spirit will burn even hotter. The heart of the believers will melt and great revival will start. The decisions to receive the Glory of Jesus will become extremely urgent. Our loving Father sends His Fire that makes this deep and necessary change possible for us.

In the coming revival, Jesus will release a special anointing of the "liquid fire" for His church. The believers will have only two options. Either, they will surrender to the Fire of the Holy Spirit and receive the liquid fire anointing from Jesus, or they do not receive His liquid fire anointing and disappear into the darkness. I believe that this is the dividing line which determines who will be caught up into the cloud to meet with Jesus as the resurrected King. God is fully merciful, gracious, righteous and extremely loving in this process. The Holy Spirit will lead you according to the decisions of your heart.

Hebrew 4:12-13: For the plan / counsel / word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword and pierces through until it separates soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and is a judge of the thoughts and intents of the heart; and nothing created is invisible to him, but everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, to whom we must face our lives.

Behind all the purifying fire is the infinite love of God the Father. He has done everything he could so that man could be saved from the power of darkness. He anointed the early church with the Fire of the Holy Spirit. The Body of Christ was born into the world. Jesus gave His Body all the keys to the sovereignty of Heaven. The Fire of the Holy Spirit is descending upon His Body to make His sons / daughter worthy of His wedding. The Fire of the Holy Spirit is also descending on the people who do not believe. The call of God will be powerful and all-inclusive. The people will decide their fate and destiny by their own will.