The Fire of the Holy Spirit proves and convinces in an exhaustive, decisive way for a person his condition and relationship with God. The Holy Spirit searches every area of human and spiritual life. He causes people to recognize their need of forgiveness, reconciliation, deliverance, healing and renewing of their life. The Holy Spirit will give strong revelations of Jesus and of the new life in His Glory. The stress of sin in life will become unbearable. All these works of the Holy Spirit cause people to turn and receive more of Jesus.

The Fire of the Holy Spirit affects deep humility and surrender in people's hearts. There will be irresistible urge to confess personal sins and to receive reconciliation. The Holy Spirit works to unite the Body of Christ with Jesus and with each other. Everyone has his own heart on the operating table of God. No one will be able to boast of himself. Jesus will be the center of everything and everybody.

After the process of deep purification, Jeesus releases His liquid fire for the Body. Every member of Body will have his own glorious ministry and authority. Several members of His Body will join together to perform greater tasks, according to the leading of Jesus. The Body of Christ will flow in the authority and power of the love of the Father. The Body will become perfect for the ministry of end time.

The Fire of the Holy Spirit will reveal Jesus as the King. You either submit yourself unto Him, or remain in rebellion. The one who submits His life, will receive the liquid fire anointing. The one who remains in rebellion, will turn into darkness. He will experience awful pains, attacks of demons and great difficulties in life. If he would turn even in this condition, Jesus will forgive his rebellion and anoint him with liquid fire. The consequences of resisting Jesus will be severe. All these things produce the great harvest of souls from the earth.

We cannot know whose heart will reject the Fire of the Holy Spirit and who will receive the liquid fire. But in our own heart we must know the truth of the coming age. We must recognize our condition and calling of God. Therefore, the great glad tidings of Jesus' sovereignty must be proclaimed to all nations, ethnic groups, people groups, age groups and professional groups. The breakthrough of the Fire of the Holy Spirit is unpredictable. Jesus calls everyone, but we will find that one is taken and the other is left.

John 16:8-11: And when he comes, he will show (elengoo = to prove someone wrong conclusively, decisively and convincingly), testify, convince and show conclusively, conclusively that the world is guilty and condemned concerning being separated from God, concerning righteousness, concerning the execution of justice: concerning being separated from God, because they do not believe in me; concerning righteousness, because I go to the Father, and you will see me no more; and concerning judgment, judgment, and justice (crisis) = because the prince of this world has been judged.

The Fire of the Holy Spirit proves convincingly and conclusively that people have strayed from God. The destructive power of unbelief and other powers of darkness will be revealed in a way that will shake the nations. Your testimony of receiving the liquid fire will be astonishing to many people. Jesus will lead you to be His witness in your family, village, company, city and nation – and even to the most distants places of the earth. The great Firestorm of revival is approaching.

The Fire of the Holy Spirit will cause the conviction about the sin to be overwhelming. When people surrender unto Jesus, the Holy Spirit will lead them quickly into deep love relationship with Jesus and the Father. They will be convinced about His love, mercy, grace, authority and power. After being immersed in the Holy Spirit and Fire, the believers will have absolute conviction and confidence about their position, rights, responsibilities and ministry in Jesus. They will have the identity of the son / daughter of God. They will cooperate with Jesus and bring His reign into people's lives on the earth.

The Fire of the Holy Spirit will prove that all the power of darkness will be condemned and the life of God must manifest in His people. Deadly religion will disappear and the liquid fire anointing will lead the Body of Christ. Jesus will raise his church to His Glory, where the prince of this world is completely banished. In the resurrection, God the Father clothes the Body of Christ with the inheritance of Jesus' resurrection power. Then all will know that the prince of this world has been judged and must be destroyed. After resurrection, His glorious Body will take over the spiritual thrones in the Second Heavens that have been held by demonic powers.

The Holy Spirit begins the destruction of the prince of this world in the hearts of believers. The reign of Jesus must first rule over the inner man of believers. This is the impact of the Holy Spirit and Fire, which will flow through the whole Body. Those who receive this first, will be leaders of the coming revival. They will carry and spread the Fire of the Holy Spirit. They will be co-workers of Jesus in bringing His Kingdom on the earth.