Surrender to the touch of the Father's healing love. Let Jesus heal the wounds of your heart and deliver you from wrong motives, false inspiration and your own aspirations. In the spirit of childhood, you are delivered from the pressure to perform and the need to show off. You are free to do what the Father shows you. Study the Bible a lot and learn God's will and ways of working.

Join a living and pure prayer community where you can practice and test your own gifts. Learn to distinguish between spiritual and soulish. Religious imagination is not prophetic anointing. Angelic visions and carnality can occur at the same time, so stay humble. Speak words of faith and expect them to come true when people receive them. Humbly accept feedback. If you have spoken up, admit your mistake and make amends.

Do not generate 'prophetic' revelation based on natural events. True prophetic revelation comes directly from God before there is any natural evidence. Elisha warned the king of Israel BEFORE the enemy could act! (2 Kings 6:8-12)

Don't look for big visions, but face people in the here and now. Aim for more sensitive love, more accurate knowledge of revelation and stronger faith in God. Listen to Jesus' voice and talk to Him. Be faithful in the tasks He gives you. Let Him lead you and raise you in humility, purity and faithfulness. He will promote you in due time.

Meet one person and win him to Jesus so that he is healed, delivered, filled with the Holy Spirit and transformed towards the image of the Anointed One of Jesus. Here you will also face your own unbelief and find necessary to find closer connection with Jesus for yourself. When you win one, you can win a thousand people.

Proclaim truths of the Kingdom of God. Give revelation and teach faith. Do not prophesy healings, but proclaim glad tidings to the humble. Heal those with broken hearts, cast out demons, lead people into salvation of Jesus and spread the Fire of the Holy Spirit. (Isa. 61:1-3).

The prophetic word is living water from Heaven. God's spoken word is alive and powerful. It is like a hammer that breaks a rock. Everyone's heart receives the testimony of the Holy Spirit if your message has come from God. Do not elevate yourself or bind people with you. Speak clearly and simply what the Lord gives you.

See people and things from the perspective and power of God's throne. Fill your heart with the love of God the Father. Then you see, hear, understand and believe correctly. God calls with His goodness, not with calamities of darkness. God can protect nations from the destructive forces of nature, wars, and other calamities if they turn to Him. That requires someone to proclaim God's Word to the people.

Know your responsibility, because people expect to hear a word from the heart of God the Father when you begin to prophesy to them. Every word that is spoken has a great impact in this world. False prophesying opens the way to disappointment, bitterness, delusion and witchcraft. Spiritual prophecy of doom or prophecy of doom confuses and extinguishes faith. A false prophecy from a familiar spirit calls down demons of destruction upon a nation or people. It serves darkness and not God. Stay away from this.

Jesus has called you to the office of reconciliation and gives you words of reconciliation. Therefore, do not make judgments, threats or stupid statements. Do not announce exact dates, time limits, names of persons, or name someone else's life partner. That kind of speaking is arrogance and stupidity! You are an ambassador of Christ and you have the ministry of reconciliation.

Don't take credit from people, give credit to God. Accept honest thanks in humility! When you die for yourself, your spirit is free to move in God's world. Then you will also be insensitive to the persecution that will happen to you when the Spirit of glory rests on you.

Pride leads people to overstep God's limits and strive beyond what their calling, ability, or anointing provides. Humility and obedience are prerequisites for keeping the anointing in the prophetic ministry. Then you will be able to recognize your own sphere of influence and stay where your own anointing works. You cannot manipulate God or get Him involved in anything that is your own idea. You must learn to follow Him and conform to His will.

2 Cor. 10:12-13: For we dare not compare ourselves to some who recommend themselves; but they are ignorant when they measure themselves by their own self and compare themselves with their own self. We, on the other hand, do not begin to boast beyond the number, but only according to the determined sphere of influence, which God has set as a number for us, to reach even you.

The prophetic ministry must arise in Finland. Awakening does not come because Finns follow confused "prophets" like a herd of scumbags. The awakening will come when the men and women of Finland rise to the ministries and anointings that God has prepared!

Ask the Lord what your calling, anointing and ministry would be! Tell Him you want to surrender to His ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. The harvest is plenty but workers are few. Jesus cleanses you and takes you to work in his vineyard. He knows you and knows how to make you a vessel for noble use. Praise and glory to the Lord!