Every believer in the New Covenant has the spirit of prophecy, because the Holy Spirit dwells in him. Therefore, everyone can serve with the gifts given by the Spirit according to their faith. Every ministry of the new covenant must tune in and fulfill the prophetic revelation of the Holy Spirit in the love of the Father.

1 Cor. 14:3-5: But she who prophesies speaks to people for edification and exhortation and comfort. He who speaks in tongues builds himself up, but he who prophesies builds up the church. I would have you all speak in tongues, but still more I would have you prophesy; for he who prophesies is greater than he who speaks in tongues, unless he at the same time explains, so that the church is built up from it.

Every prophetic word is a word of faith. The preacher must believe that the words he is speaking will produce the things he says. The declaration must be clear, unambiguous and completely understandable. It should include a solution, blessing, encouragement, consolation or exhortation. The purpose of the prophetic ministry is not to bring personal guidance, for that every believer has his own inner witness of the Holy Spirit. Regarding guidance, prophetic revelation can only confirm what the Holy Spirit has already spoken directly to hearts.

The word of the Lord received in the intercessory prayer should be made public only as guided by the Holy Spirit. It is often enough to proclaim it in solitude, in a closed prayer circle or in a congregation. Sometimes the Holy Spirit can lead to proclaim the message or revelation to a wider public. Before going public, stay in the Lord's presence, so that you can be sure of what you should do.

Test the word or revelation you receive based on the revelation of the Bible. When you know message of Jesus and apostles, you can test your revelation with the solid foundation. The most accurate information at all times is the inner witness of the Holy Spirit. He leads you into the whole truth in all matters.

The fulfillment of the prophetic word depends on whether it is received in faith by the people whom it concerns. No human word is absolute and does not contain all of God's truth. Now is still a time of revival, purification and transformation. Humility is our best protection in the prophetic ministry.

God speaks to everyone through His Word, the inner witness, visions, dreams, revelations and declarations. Jesus leads everyone to believe for themselves and to hear for themselves. There is no more dependence on prophets like in the Old Covenant. The task of the prophets of the New Covenant is to bring a new and current revelation about Jesus to the broad and deep layers of the church.

When you receive a word or revelation from God, save it in your heart, you need to pray about what it means. In your revelation is always something of your own soul, but there may be an important revelation of the Spirit along with it also. Compare the revelation with the Word of the Bible. The Holy Spirit will explain the right content to you when you listen to Him. If the message concerns others, you should ask how you should share it. Part of the prophetic revelation may be for your intercession and information only. The Holy Spirit leads to the right course of action in every situation.

You can also evaluate your own or someone else's prophetic message with other criteria. The order of God's servant's own life, the order of the family, purity, integrity and humility tell a lot about credibility and spiritual truthfulness of the messenger. An anointed proclamation is recognized by the fact that it lifts and strengthens the congregation in faith and righteousness. Prophetic message comes in the Spirit of revelation and is extremely relevant to the people to whom it is proclaimed.