You can have a "high calling" in any service and profession where you are allowed and able to practice God's word and His principles. You can be filled with the amazing power of the Holy Spirit in any profession and bring the salvation, truth and love of God there. You can live in the glory of God and be a strong witness of Jesus and touch your family, colleges, neighbors and any people around you.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit you can be a channel of God's healing power any time, at home, in the office, school, shops, airplanes and anywhere! Your "high calling" is to be in Jesus all the time and let Jesus manifest Himself through you all the time.

Jesus wants to make you dependent on Him but independent on this world and on the will and opinions of other people. He wants to lead you into a life style where you continuously are aware about the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Jesus wants you to be awake and sensitive to perform any tasks He shows you. Unlimited resources of God are all the time available for you. Being connected to the heavenly supernatural resources means a high calling for you.

God will equip you for those works He calls you to do. You will have an individual anointing and individual calling. Your ministry can not be compared to someone else's ministry. You will have your unique gifts and anointing. That will be just for you and that will make you fully qualified to perform anything needed in your calling.

Do not be afraid when you recognize yourself to be unable or inadequate. When you are fully convinced about your need of God to help you, then He will quickly come and equip you!

Never count the anointing for granted. Never become arrogant or self-satisfied, because all anointing in you is only the presence of Jesus and it does not come from you. But Jesus wants to own you as His vessel for His Glory. You are chosen as His servant only through His great mercy! Give always all the glory and honor to God alone. Give God all honor and glory, praise Him and worship Him! Just be an open channel of His love, mercy and glory.

Corinthians 9:19: For though I am free from all people, I have made myself a slave to all, so that I may gain more.