One of the most amazing characters of the Kingdom of God is its everlasting increase, expansion, transformation and development. All the time God is creating new things in heaven and on the earth. God's perfect plan is not yet ready, but when it will be ready, everyone will confess that it is perfect, brilliant and totally amazing!

The life in the Holy Spirit and Fire takes you into this surprising change, restoration and transformation. There will be no end to your personal transformation, because it will continue even in the heaven. We need to learn this life style on the earth in order to fit into the heavenly world. The glory of God's Kingdom is so immense and powerful that it will sweep you along.

You will be living more and more in His spiritual realm. You will be lost in God! This is your goal. God wants that you would live eternally with Him. He loves and longs after you and prepares you a way to be transformed into His image. He imparts heavenly characteristics and supernatural life into you. This will manifest also on the earth through your ministry.

God will use any talents, capabilities or resources you have. Nothing will be wasted in Kingdom's economy. If you are missing some capacity or knowledge in your ministry God will create those in you. God will touch all areas of your life where darkness has been destroying you. Jesus will reimburse you the stolen blessings. He will change your destiny and turn it to glorify His victory over sin, sickness and death.

Any accident, any disaster or iniquity can be an inspiration to seek the Lord and an ever-increasing motivation to find out the supernatural solution from God. When you keep seeking and receiving His life for yourself, you will soon be able to share your blessings to a great number of other people who need solutions from God!

You need to accept the up-bringing of God in your life. Do not hurry before the Lord, but run forward according to His leading. God will know when you are ready and mature to the next level of His plan. Keep on asking and receiving His power and anointing. Learn to act in faith, listening and obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit. Leave behind every generational curse, bitterness, frustration, pride, greed, fear and other 'lions' and 'bears' in your life.

Your inner life with Jesus is the source of your new ministry. The ministry will be born in your spirit and from your heart it will start working in your understanding and lead decisions of your will. When you have got strengthened inside then you will be able to take actions in order to start your ministry. Your first congregation will be your own family. Then God will call you to minister other people and might lead you to any nation for the work of the gospel.

God has set no limits for your anointing. He will always have more for you than you would be able to understand or conceive! Your limits are in your mind, in your faith and in your yielding to God. Let the revelation of Jesus extend your spirit and understanding for greater visions. Rule your life according to the word of God and according to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Then you will reach your high calling and heavenly destiny! Make a decision like Paul did:

Philippians 3:14: I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.