God the Father loves you with infinite love. He is looking for you and calling you to join Him. He wants to save you from the power of darkness and death into His love and glory. He has sent his Son Jesus to testify about the kingdom of God and to redeem you too from the power of darkness into His Kingdom.

John 3:16-17: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life - in communion with him through the Holy Spirit. For God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world, but so that the world through him would be saved in his union.

God the Father sent His Son Jesus to pay the ransom for every person. Through his death on the cross, Jesus took away all the weapons with which the powers of darkness could claim you for captivity and destruction. When you accept Jesus, God the Father accepts you as his son / daughter. By the power of the Holy Spirit, He delivers you from the powers of darkness. Through filling with the Holy Spirit, He cleanses, heals and restores your broken heart. He raises you into the glorious position as His son / daughter.

When you accept Jesus as God and surrender to Him, the Holy Spirit makes your spirit alive and connects you with Jesus and the Father. Jesus is dealing with all your sins, iniquities, sicknesses, curses and other slavery of darkness in the moment of the new birth of your spirit. Through the presence of Jesus in your spirit, God the Father looks at you as His holy and blameless child before Him. Through God's faith, you are joined with Jesus through your spirit, even though your soul may still be partially in the old life.

Your spiritual new birth is a perfect gift from God. Through Jesus, you have reached an eternal and ever-increasing connection with God the Father. This is where the complete renewal of your soul, your physical body and your entire life begins. Through your born again spirit, you are connected to God through Jesus. God's love, revelation knowledge of the Holy Spirit and God's faith shall reign in your spirit. Through the power of the Holy Spirit in your spirit, Jesus begins to touch areas of your soul and life. He will lead you into the fullness of the blessings of His salvation.

The salvation of Jesus is supernatural and perfect. No darkness can bind you when you surrender and join Him. The Holy Spirit leads your new life in connection with God. He helps you know and experience the reality, love and connection of God the Father. Through the Holy Spirit, the healing power of the Father's love flows into you, healing your broken heart and healing your illness. The Holy Spirit will merge you more and more into the image of Jesus as the Anointed One. Through Him, you will begin a new life filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

John 1:12-13: But to all who received him, he gave power to become children of God, to those who believe in his name, who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord. He will regenerate your spirit, soul and body through filling with the Holy Spirit. The presence of the Holy Spirit is the certificate that you have joined the Father as His beloved child. The Holy Spirit dwells in you permanently. He will teach you receive the full blessings of the salvation of Jesus – in all areas of your life.

The Heavenly Father calls you – by the Holy Spirit – to accept Jesus as your Savior. When you receive Jesus, He will deliver and cleanse your spirit from the power of darkness. By the power of the Holy Spirit, He makes your spirit alive with Him. Jesus will come into your heart only by the decision of your free will. You need to invite Him into your life. Then Jesus will come and unite you with Himself and God the Father by the Holy Spirit.

Rom. 10:9-11: For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, then you will be saved; for by the faith of the heart one is justified, and by the confession of the mouth one is saved. After all, the Bible says: "No one who believes in him will be put to shame."

Now say the following prayer out loud and Jesus will come into your spirit and restore your spirit by the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit you will get into the communion of God the Father:

Dear Jesus, I confess that I have lived outside of God and in darkness. I believe, Jesus, that you have prepared the way for me to connect with God the Father. Dear Jesus, I receive you. Come inside me and save me. I surrender to You in all areas of my life. Regenerate my spirit and give me connection with God the Father through your Holy Spirit." "I condemn, reject and dismiss all darkness from my life. I give up all darkness and serving idols. I surrender to You and serve only You. Jesus, free me from the power of darkness, forgive all my sins and give me a new life in connection with You and the Father." "Dear Jesus, fill me continuously and increasingly with your Holy Spirit and your Fire. Help me to cleanse my mind, heal my body and renew my whole life. Thank you, dear Jesus, that You do this!"

If you have received Jesus in this way – with your own will and voice – the Holy Spirit has given new birth to your spirit and joined you with God the Father as His child. Jesus has forgiven your sins, dealt with all your illnesses and other enslavements. God the Father has declared you righteous and pure before Him. Jesus has come to live in your spirit through the Holy Spirit. Your heart has the confirmation of the Father's approval. You may not feel great emotions, but your spirit will testify that the Father has accepted you into his communion.

God's saving and merciful love (eleos) has touched you now. From this moment on you are the object of His favor (karis) all the time. Your salvation is an act of God and free gift for you. Jesus will start a new creation in you. The Father trusts you as his child because He trusts the salvation of His Son. You cannot yet understand all this, but the Holy Spirit will teach you more.

Tell trustworthy people about your decision. This is necessary and will strengthen you. Connect yourself with the people who have faith, the power of the Holy Spirit, purity, heart and wisdom to teach you more. The Holy Spirit leads you to abandon destructive lifestyles and to renew your whole life within the salvation of Jesus.

It is important for you to get to know more about Jesus, His teachings, the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the apostles. You get this teaching directly from the Bible and in fellowship of people with faith and anointing of the Holy Spirit. The best way to start reading the Bible is to start with the gospel of John. It will quickly give you the basics of life in a new union.

You have entered a new dimension whose scope is staggering. In exploring and embracing God's kingdom, you will find the fulfillment of your life already in this time. The Holy Spirit is your best friend, defender, teacher, counselor and strength. Invite more of the Holy Spirit into your life, thank the Lord every day for your salvation. His constant and loving favor is in your life. Be blessed in having your salvation. Be victorious in the anointing of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name.