Environment and circumstances of the end time revival are totally different compared to this moment. To understand the requirements of leadership in future revival, we can make following projection about that time:

  • The task of the leader is to prepare his people for the rapture. This means unprecedented purification and presence of the Holy Spirit and Fire in the ministry of people.

  • Increasing awareness of the coming revival will take over the minds of the people. The spiritual leader must be able to answer many questions rightly.

  • The Fire of the Holy Spirit will penetrate the people. The leader must be a forerunner in the immersion of the Holy Spirit and Fire. The leaders must stand up in the love of the Father, in the revelation of the Holy Spirit and n the faith of God.

  • There will be quick and unprecedented changes in all areas of life. Physical, mental, spiritual, economic and social security is weakening. People need to find supernatural help, protection and care from God.

  • Demonic attacks and disturbances will rapidly increase in families, offices, cities and nations.

  • Religious and spiritual confusion will increase. The need of stable faith and right direction will increase dramatically.

  • The need of finding Jesus will become burning. There will be a sense of desperation in many people's hearts.

  • All believers will need the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit in their everyday life. Old solutions do not work anymore.

  • The leaders must have inner strength and faith against increasing physical, mental and spiritual pressures.

  • The leaders face a mountain of impossible tasks and immense needs of the people. Solution will be leading people to be immersed in the Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus and His Glory will be the ultimate solution for all people. Leaders must have ability to lead people into the Glory of Jesus.

The coming great revival set leaders many requirements in their identity and faith life. Jesus knows this and He will equip His servants with abundant power and anointing. You are called to be a leader in future revival. Do not fear! Let the Fire of Jesus set your heart ablaze. Let Jesus transform your heart into father's heart.

In future revival you cannot build your own vision or ministry. The work will be so great and it will be done so quickly that you cannot comprehend the plans of God with your understanding. You can only surrender, listen and obey. The Holy Spirit will lead all actions and operations in His wisdom. Your critical issues are listening and obeying.

As a spiritual leader you must develop intimate and gentle love relationship with God. You will have the same kind of relationship with their family, friends and workplaces. You will be able to share equal love and care to all their followers. You will be forerunner for many by your own example. The anointing upon you will teach people and transform them into the image of Jesus.

As a spiritual father you will have the identity of the son / daughter of God. You will educate and train believers to become disciples of Jesus. Many offices of the Holy Spirit may operate in and through you. The fivefold ministry in you will equip disciples into the full maturity in Christ. Your passion for Jesus will invite many people into the coming Glory of God.

Your humble, pure and loving character creates the altar of the Fire of God. Your faith of God and anointing of the Holy Spirit will be a bright contrast to the confused, religious and powerless leadership. People who see these new leaders will reject in herds the old leaders and follow you. This will not impress you because ultimately, you lead people into the intimate relationship with Jesus.

In the Fire of the Holy Spirit you will be able to move and operate quickly in the work of the Kingdom of God. You and other people will be astonished about the operations of the Holy Spirit through your ministry. You will worship Jesus and lead others to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. You will have the heart of servant. You will consider persecution as your greatest honor. Jesus will honor you and He will release even greater anointing and honor into your life.