The best plan for your life comes through Jesus. The more you are in His plan the happier and more satisfied you will be. Jesus desires to satisfy the deepest desires of your heart. You need to be convinced about that. You will never find a true satisfaction in this world. If you let your flesh rule over your life, you will only have disappointments and failures. Let the Holy Spirit take over your inner man and lead you into heavenly life and glory in Jesus. Then you will have happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment that surely fills you with abundant peace and joy.

Jesus has already spoken to you about the Glory of His Kingdom. He will give you more visions, dreams and plans. His plans may seem unreal or impossible to you at that moment He shows them to you. Your natural mind cannot find out a way how everything could happen. But Jesus has plan and supernatural capacity to make it happen in your life. He needs only your faith and obedience! When you let the Holy Spirit clarify your vision, He will also give you creative ideas how you can start stepping into the plan of God. Catching the vision by faith causes it to start coming true!

You must start doing bold choices in order to fulfill your vision. Too many God-given visions have been buried in the cemeteries because of passivity, false teaching and ignorance. But there is a different way too! You can catch the fire of God and let it work in you. Let the Holy Spirit inspire you daily to take brave and determined actions towards the call of God.

You must learn to live in perfect forgiveness. Jesus has forgiven your past sins and failures. He is forgiving your present life all the time. Your future is also forgiven. You are not bound by any curse or demonic force. God the Father has declared you as righteous as His Son Jesus. You just need to receive this truth of God's forgiveness. The Fire of the Holy Spirit will demonstrate this in your life. Jesus has not only pardoned your sins but He has removed them away from you! They do not exist anymore and God Himself refuses to see them also.

Can you receive this supernatural salvation in Jesus for you right now? Of course! Neither your present weakness nor your problems will be any problem. Jesus has already delivered you from all bondages of darkness. Jesus is just waiting for you in order to deal with all your problems and bring you solutions and make you a way into His calling.

Stop hesitating and wavering in your heart! No more listening to human opinions and seeking the favor of men! The time of insignificance and frustration is over. This is the time to rise up and step into heavenly purpose and goal. It is time to make divine decisions under the leadership of Jesus, your Master and King. It is all right to get fully tired with the powerless religion and start searching out the resurrection power of Jesus Christ!

You may have to leave behind many habits and connections which used to give comfort to the desires of your flesh. The decision towards God will lead you into dramatic change in all areas of your life. You need to count the costs, but you need also to be aware of the heavenly reward that is waiting for you. Your heart must be in balance with your decisions. Then you can win every trial on the way. Direct your life desperately towards Jesus and let Him lead you. Then you will never fail.

When you are in the plan of God you will get the credit from Jesus Himself. This new life will give you the best satisfaction and it will be worth of all efforts! John 6:68-69: Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life. And we have already believed and have come to know that You are the Holy One of God.”